The Holistic Cannabis Summit is online and FREE from April 4-7, 2016

Medical Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Unlock The Therapeutic Value Of Cannabis For Health + Wellness!

Affiliate Promotional Overview

Thank you for agreeing to become an affiliate promoting the Holistic Cannabis Summit (HCS). The following highlights the agreement between you and the Holistic Cannabis Network (HCN). Upon creating your affiliate account at Holistic Cannabis Summit, you will receive a welcome email with relevant information to access your affiliate center account and promotional materials. Additionally, someone from our team will contact you to answer any questions. An Affiliate Resource Center will be available where you will register, receive your promotional code, and obtain all the details for successfully executing your summit outreach.

  • The Holistic Cannabis Summit happens online April 4th to 7th, 2016. We recommend you begin HCS promotion by mid-March the latest and continue on a scheduled basis through April 7th.
  • As an Affiliate, you will promote the Summit to your email list, on your website, through your social media channels (or through whatever channels have been agreed upon with Laura & Donna), encouraging your subscribers and followers to register for the free, online summit.
  • Sample emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, banners, logos and other graphics will be provided to make your Summit promotion quick and easy. You should use these materials to create your email outreach and social media campaigns. Your list will remain confidential; HCN/HCS will not have access to it.
  • You will receive a unique promotional link to include with your announcements. This link should be included in ALL your outreach; include it in emails and social media posts. This link is how your community will register for the Summit and it will always tag them to you. This is how we track your commissions. Commissions will be paid out every 30-days via PayPal for any sales transactions that occurred within the preceding 30 days. Financial compensation occurs in two ways and directly relates to your marketing efforts:
  • Though the Summit is free, many people wish to have ongoing access to the Summit and they can do so by purchasing the Summit proceedings. When your subscribers/followers register for the Summit with your unique link and purchase the Summit proceedings (narrated video PowerPoints), you receive a 50% commission on that sale. The price varies ($97-$247) depending on when the proceedings are purchased – before or once the Summit the begins (pre-Summit purchasing is always the best value).
  • We offer a two-tier affiliate program. As a confirmed affiliate, when you recruit sub-affiliates for the Summit, you will receive a 10% commission on the sub-affiliate’s Summit sales. For example, if your sub-affiliate accrues $2000 in subscriber Summit sales, you will receive $200 or 10%. Please pass the word along to other partner organizations and colleagues who you believe would benefit by affiliating with HCN through you!

Welcome to the HCN family!